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For Immediate Release

April 21, 2020
Sha’ban 28, 1441 AH

Ramadan - This will be a different Ramadan from one that any of us have ever experienced. While we seek to become spiritually closer to Allah and ask for His forgiveness, we should take advantage of these physical distancing and isolation measures as opportunities for self-reflection and piety. Everyone should have Iftar at home with only their household members. Everyone should continue to pray their regular 5 daily prayers along with Tahajjud and Taraweeh prayers at home with only family members that live with them. Follow the forthcoming guidance of your local religious leaders regarding possible adjustments to your usual Ramadan routine, during such unprecedented circumstances.

Support your local Masajid; Masajid and Islamic centres rely heavily on donations especially during Ramadan, in order to cover a large portion of their expenses for the whole year. They are at risk of being permanently closed due to insolvency. Despite the financial constraints that we are all under, now more than ever, we must continue to prioritize donating to our local masajid to keep them afloat, while reaping the rewards of Ramadan.

Pay your Zakat - Maintain your commitment of paying your Zakat, to support the millions of less fortunate locally and worldwide that already rely on this to make ends meet, and to help ease the suffering of poverty that has been exacerbated by lockdowns during the pandemic.

Use social media responsibly - There is a lot of misinformation and conspiracy theories regarding COVID-19 circulating on social media. Read, follow and share only information that you trust, have verified and comes from a reputable source. Racism, speculation and spreading rumours are not only unhelpful, but are strictly forbidden in Islam.

We ask Allah that He protects us, gives shifa to all those afflicted with illness and grants shahada to all that succumb, that He guides us to make the right decisions and forgives us for our shortcomings.


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