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Managing Your Health, Expectations & Being Prepared During the COVID-19 Pandemic

For Immediate Release

April 19, 2020
Sha’ban 26, 1441 AH

Limited treatment options available - There is no cure for COVID-19. Depending on where you live, the health system, availability of resources, your medical history and chances of recovery, you may not be offered heroic interventions that are sometimes available. Clinical trials and vaccine development are underway to help protect as many people as possible.

Do not ignore your other medical conditions - Take your medications as prescribed and contact your doctor if you run out of medications or have any health concerns. Many doctors are now offering virtual care assessments over telephone or video calls. The emergency department is still open and treating patients with all other medical conditions besides COVID-19. Fear of COVID-19 should not stop you from going to the hospital for a medical emergency.

Practical recommendations - Preparation for death is as important as preparing for the after-life. Discuss your wishes with your family members regarding whether you would want aggressive resuscitation measures if offered, such as CPR, being shocked or attached to a ventilator should your heart stop beating or you stop breathing on your own. Put this in writing in an Advance Care Plan or health directive. Assign a power of attorney who can make medical decisions for you, should you become too sick to make decisions. Ensure you have a legal will and set aside funds for funeral costs to avoid inheritance disputes and so that loved ones are not financially burdened while mourning your loss. Ask for Muslim chaplains or spiritual workers.

End of life care - There are effective medications available to help ease suffering at the end of life. Due to infection control measures, visitors may not be allowed to physically meet dying loved ones, there may be alterations to ghusl, kaffan and janazah rites.

We ask Allah that He protects us, gives shifa to all those afflicted with illness and grants shahada to all that succumb, that He guides us to make the right decisions and forgives us for our shortcomings.


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