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كيف نساعد الكنديين


Disclosure & Transparency Statement


The members of the Canadian Muslim COVID-19 Task Force offer advice, recommendations and conduct activities that are independent, based on valid expertise, and in good faith.  Core and Advisory members are not compensated for serving on the task force. Conflict of interest is defined as “a situation in which external interests or engagements of task force members compete or conflict with responsibilities to the task force or the public interest. 


Conflicts of interest can be perceived, potential or actual, and could be seen as furthering the interest of individuals or organizations. It is interpreted broadly as the Task Force’s recommendations and activities hinge on established public trust with the Canadian Muslim community. Each member is requested to disclose and declare any perceived, indirect, or direct apparent conflicts of interest related to COVID-19 and this task force’s initiatives, including related to pharmaceutical products that are used in the treatment or prevention of COVID-19, that could result in financial gain, professionally or personally to members or the member’s family members, or to any organization with which the member is affiliated. Should any of the co-chairs of the task force conclude that these conflicts of interests are real, he or she may require the member to recuse him or herself from participating in discussions or the development of recommendations related to the conflict, or request that a member no longer serve on the task force.


Disclaimer Statement


Deliverables of the CMCTF are designed, developed and disseminated in good faith and are based on adapting the most updated guidelines provided by government health agencies, scientific evidence, and expert opinion, including those of established Islamic jurisprudence bodies. These are non-binding and have no legal recourse. Given the rapidly evolving nature of this pandemic, materials are subject to change with little notice and previously issued outdated materials may still exist or be in circulation, while updated documents may have been issued or are in development.


Non-Partisanship and Public Relations


The CMCTF prides in being a non-partisan body that does not have any financial (or otherwise) relationships with any pharmaceutical or other companies involved in the development or procurement of COVID-19 therapies or vaccines.

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